Shop LC RHAPSODY Real Diamond 950 Platinum Ring Wedding Anniversary Engagement

  • EYE-CATCHING SPARKLE: Diamonds are precisely set in prongs and symbolize regal brilliance, heritage, and an elite allure
  • DURABLE METAL: Made in 950 Platinum, a corrosion metal that keeps your jewelry shining and enhances the longevity of the ring.
  • RHAPSODY COLLECTION: Rhapsody has an exquisite collection that reflects the highest definition of luxury. Each design is crafted with passion and style
  • FLAWLESS FINISH: The rings under-gallery is polished to perfection that feels soft on the skin. Soft and smooth under-gallery makes it easy to wear it for long hours
  • SQUARED UP STYLE: A cut does not define only the shape, but it affects many characteristics of a diamond’,s appearance and the square-shaped diamond is a rare occurrence

RHAPSODY Brand Unique Characteristics
Metal -One of the most valuable metals in today’s market, precious 950 Platinum defines luxury jewelry.
Gemstones AAAA (4A) Quality Precious & Exotic Gemstones
Diamond Accents Full Cut, E/F Color, VS Clarity
AAAA Tanzanite
Less than 1% of tanzanite is good enough to be considered AAAA tanzanite.
Treat yourself to jewels like the best quality AAAA tanzanite.

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