Shop LC RHAPSODY 950 White Platinum AAAA Blue Tanzanite White Diamond Ring

  • AAAA TANZANITE: This premium graded variety of tanzanite is classified for featuring intensely saturated violetish blue, accompanied by flashes of deep red
  • VALUABLE RING: This ring engulfed in the shimmer of sparkling diamonds adorning with 950 platinum
  • RHAPSODY COLLECTION: Rhapsody has an exquisite collection that reflects the highest definition of luxury. Each design is crafted with passion and style
  • SPARKLING DIAMOND: Impeccably matched smooth cut diamonds which are set in prong and setting, makes this ring a captivating piece to own
  • DESIGNER HOLD: Prong setting offers its firm grip to keep the gemstone in place for a flawless shine

RHAPSODY Rings by Shop LC

RHAPSODY is the pinnacle in fine jewelry, showcasing our premium gemstones encased in 950 platinum reflecting the highest definition of luxury. Each design is carefully fashioned with aspiration, extravagance, and style top of mind. Making every RHAPSODY piece, an investment in quality for generations to come!

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